Photographer Submissions

Kimball Stock strives to provide automotive and animal photographers with the best medium possible to sell their images. In addition, we work to give every photographer a safe, reliable, and pleasant experience.


Kimballstock has been in business for over for thirty years. That's 30 years of marketing, contacts, connections and clients that are all automotive and animal related. We want your work to be seen by those who need it.

Being Fair

Our commissions start at a 50/50 split. We believe you should get your fair share of any sale we make. We also believe that when your images sells you shouldn't have to wait to get paid for it. That's why we never delay payments to the photographer- “When we get paid, you get paid.” No more waiting until the end of the month, quarter or half-year to get your check.

We do the dirty work

At Kimball Stock, it is our goal to make things easier for the photographer. That's why we offer complimentary scanning, keywording, and uploading services, not to mention our marketing and sales efforts. That way, you can spend more time doing what you do best.

Contact us today

Contact us today at to find out how we can help you sell your automotive or animal related images.

Photographer Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Kimball Stock. We welcome submissions from individual photographers looking for quality representation. If you are interested in submitting your work for consideration of representation, you may do so by the following methods:

Digital Submissions:

You may send low resolution (defined as 500 px on the shortest side) digital files on a DVD or you may choose to send it by email ( Please forward a minimum of 100 lores images and 5 hi res images.

Digital Camera Requirements:

Digital images captured with a digital camera should be shot with a minimum of an 8-mpx camera. We prefer working with photographers who shoot in Camera RAW.

Transparency Submissions:

Please forward a minimum of 100 transparencies for the initial review submission. We can accept all transparency formats (b/w, color, 35mm, 6x6, 6x7, 4x5, etc.).

You can send your hard file (disc/transparency) submission to:

Kimball Stock
Attn: Photo Submissions
1960 Colony Street
Mountain View, CA 94043

We recommend that you send your submission in a manner that can be traced, i.e. Federal Express, UPS, or registered mail. Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope or your federal express or UPS account number with your images. Although every effort is made to handle and track all images with care, Kimball Stock cannot be responsible for lost or damaged transparencies.

Please limit your initial submission to no more than 200 images (with at least 100 images) showing the range and variety of your work. If your style is of interest, we may contact you to request a larger selection. Any recognizable person in an image requires a model release. Please do not send any images that do not have one.

All submissions are normally reviewed and returned within 5-6 weeks, although you should allow up to three months during busy times.

Thanks again for your interest in our agency, and we look forward to reviewing your submission soon.