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Searching for Items

Do you offer Royalty-Free images?

Currently, we offer rights-managed imagery under our "flexible RM pricing" structure.

Do you offer photo research services?

Photo research is a free service we offer to all our clients. We don't expect you to know every animal or automobile in our database and finding the perfect image is something we would be happy to help you with. No search is too large - we can do it all. Please contact us for whatever you may need.

I'm looking for a specific image of an animal or automobile, but I cannot find it. Do you have other images?

"If we don't have it, we can shoot it." We offer competitive and cost-effective assignment shooting. We give you what you want, when you want it, all at an affordable price. Please check out our assignment page or contact us directly at or 888-562-5522, 650-969-0682 for more information.


Do you have images from other photographers besides Ron Kimball?

We sure do! We represent many of today's top animal and automobile photographers. Currently, we are adding new photographers weekly.

I'm a photographer and I would like to be represented by your agency. How would I do that?

We are always accepting submissions for review from photographers looking for representation. Visit our submissions page for instructions on how to submit.

Purchasing Items

What is "flexible RM pricing"?

We understand that our clients have a budget for imagery. "Flexible RM pricing" means that we consider your budget when pricing an image.

How do I receive a price quote?

Our price quote feature on our website will allow you to submit your image request to us. A helpful account executive will respond to your request within two business hours. You may also choose to contact one of our account executives directly at or 888-562-5522, 650-969-0682.

Do you offer multiple image usage discounts?

Yes we do. We can offer you customizable quotes for your individual need and budget. You may use your lightbox to gather and price multiple images. Or, simply contact us for help.

Do you charge Sales Tax?

Orders placed within California will be charged any applicable sales tax.

Licensing Items

How can I license your images?

We are a Rights-Managed stock photography agency, where our images are individually priced according to your intended usage(s). You can submit your pricing requests by utilizing our price quote feature or by contacting us directly. Please note, we price our images based on several key factors including area of distribution, size of image, size of project, print-run, placement, etc. Contact us at or 888-562-5522, 650-969-0682.

What sizes are the digital files you license?

We offer the finest and best in scanning and digital format files. Our images vary in size, depending if it is a scan from a transparency or a file from a digital camera. Most licensed images will fit almost every need from a small website usage to as large as a billboard advertisement or building wrap.

Can we make sure that none of our competitors license the same image as us?

We utilize a sophisticated image database, which allows us to track every individual image and its usage. Consequently, we have the capability to make your image exclusive to you for the duration of your license. For exclusive licensing, please contact us at or 888-562-5522, 650-969-0682.

Do we need to set-up a licensing agreement with a car manufacturer in order to use your car shots?

Kimball Stock's licensing agreement pertains to licensing the copyright only. You (as the user of the image) would be responsible for obtaining additional licensing if necessary. If you need any assistance with this type of licensing, then please contact us.